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«Company life is a constant struggle. Define your place»

At VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS we are convinced that technical quality and resoluteness can commune perfectly. And that nothing, nothing is more valuable than the reputation of our customers, and the confidence they have for our work.

There is no better expression of respect than listening attentively, materializing results, catalyzing business, and acting responsively.

Our culture encourages everyone to do what must be done for the interests of our customers, and perhaps for this reason we seem to be «stubborn». We prefer «obstinate».

Therefore, if you have a business goal or a vision for your legal department and need to make it feasible; if you need to redefine your space or broaden your horizons with first-line legal certainty, count on us.

That's our job.

All the best,
Founder and Administrative Partner.


Founded more than 15 years ago by Dr. Caio Vaz de Almeida, the office is headquartered in the City of Campinas, State of São Paulo, 20 minutes from Vira Copos Airport, and 60 minutes from the City of São Paulo.

An office that runs itself as a company, the culture VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS is characterized by strict standards of governance and intelligence in management, production engineering, information technology and compliance.

Among the most admired law firms in Brazil, VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS has two qualities that are rarely combined and are at the heart of its Concept: high technical quality, capable of surpassing the expectations of international companies with high standards of demands, promoted by a highly personalized service characterized by approaches that are really based on customers’ perspectives. All with the objective of making feasible all types of enterprises and adding value, with legal certainty.

This is what we summarize in a very simple formulation, and that constitutes our vision for the office since its foundation:

«Having no limits to the maximum, without losing the delicateness and softness for small things»


Respect, through responsive and resolute performances — supported by a professional model of governance. Strict standards of technical quality — with formal elegance, down to every detail. Trust, through lasting friendly relationships — protected by discretion and confidentiality.

The real protagonists of society are entrepreneurs — and not the State.
One’s everyday work, when well done, is the best expression of social responsibility.
Only new results can generate new rewards.
There is no individual reward without the achievement of collective goals

To provide operations, consulting and projects of high technical quality and tailored service for companies and their main leaders, with legal rigor, formal elegance, resoluteness and punctuality.

To not hold back on the maximum, without losing one’s delicacy and subtlety for the little things.


«In nature there are no shortcuts:
the real fruits of labour are only harvested over time…»

Chapter 1.
Not to seek or consent to receive advantages or benefits (for oneself or in favor of internal and external customers, suppliers and partners, current and potential, including personal relationships and for the office itself) from internal or external customers, suppliers or partners, current or potential, including personal relationships, such as (merely as examples) practices that defraud Procedural Law, fair competition, recruitment and selection of new employees, and the dignity and privacy of individuals, even if in order to achieve new business and good or fair results for the firm to clients or for themselves out of fair motivations and intentions.

Chapter 2.
To keep the discretion and confidentiality of business prospects, strategies, names and values that pertain to each of one’s clients, be they current or potential, including partners, employees and service providers.

To accept results generated by internal and external suppliers only when you are sure that these correspond to the firm’s quality standards.

To provide results to internal and external customers based on office quality standards and according to the customer's expectations and perceptions of quality.

Team leaders must (a) ordinarily cultivate the habit of developing, implementing, practicing and updating quality control and productivity through checklists; (b) always base themselves on the paradigm that leadership is an ongoing educational process; (c) maintain that the delegation of tasks does not annul the ultimate responsibility of leadership; and (d) in the field of communication, nothing should be presumed.


We know that one of the most serious flaws in customer-lawyer relationship is negligence in communication. Not listening to customers, projecting on them solutions that ignore their own perspectives; not provide them with relevant strategic information, with explicitness and objectivity; or underestimate the correlation of strengths of the chain stakeholders can be fatal.

That is why lawyers of VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS listen attentively to each person in order to know as much as possible the factors at stake before a crucially important business.

Information is everything. Therefore, the law firm provides, in a disciplined way, an update on the status of operations, possible proposals for internal investments that are more adequate for the sustainability of its business, possible financial costs of negligence, and the impact of its decisions on its legal certainty and reputation.

Information systematically made available through customized charts, accompanied by value judgments/decisions, in a simple and realistic way.

«Imagining better»

Vaz de Almeida - Advogados